Palmes de sauvetage Hyper avec voilure en fibre de carbone

Fabricant : SpeedFins
Référence : Lifesaving Fins Hyper Carbon

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Lifesaving Fins Hyper Carbon is the most advanced Lifesaving Fins and Rescue Fins. Including SpeedFins Sport footpockets for the best possible energy transfer and a new definition of swimming and diving.

With a multilayered fiberglass and carbon material - wings covered blades and a selection of width, length, stiffness and size, Lifesaving Fins Hyper Carbon supply the divers and swimmers with unmatched power, speed and durability.

The Fins blades are made of a high quality multilayered fiberglass and carbon material, which is considered to be the best for fins manufacturing, and is extremely resilient and reactive. Carbon blades makes the Lifesaving Fins Hyper Carbon lighter, more responsive, resilient and incredibly reactive.

Lifesaving Fins Hyper Carbon can be also produced by your individual measures (max. measures as to ILS competition rules 65 x 30 cm).

ILS approved.

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