Palmes de sauvetage Hyper avec voilure en fibre

Fabricant : SpeedFins
Référence : Lifesaving Fins Hyper

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Lifesaving Fins Hyper is the most advanced Lifesaving Fins and Rescue Fins.

Including SpeedFins Sport footpockets for the best possible energy transfer and a new definition of swimming and diving.

With a composite fiber - wings covered blades and a selection of width, length, stiffness and size, Lifesaving Fins Hyper supply the divers and swimmers with unmatched power, speed and durability.

The Lifesaving Fins Hyper blades are made from Hi-End and durable composite fiber.

Lifesaving Fins Hyper can be also produced by your individual measures (max. measures as to ILS competition rules 65 x 30 cm).

ILS approved.

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