Monofin Hyper Dive Carbon for Freediving

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Monofin Hyper Dive Carbon is one of the leading custom made - hand crafted monofin for freediving and a carbon blade makes it even lighter and more responsive.

This is carbon (carbon + fiberglass) version of Monofin Hyper Dive from SpeedFins.

Monofin Hyper Dive Carbon has most advanced footpockets that enable optimal grip of the freedivers feet and the best possible energy transfer.

Monofin Hyper Dive Carbon blade is covered by wing, which helps to complete the athlete's motion underwater and enables passing a maximal depth and/or distance with minimal effort.

Monofin blade is made of advanced and durable carbon and fiber to ensure optimal streamline behavior underwater and supply resilience and sensitivity.

Monofin is slightly positive buoyant at the surface and enables the freediver to rest comfortably in between dives.

Natalia Babich-Ovodova, Multiple World Champion and World Record Holder, 200m DYN with Monofin Hyper Dive from SpeedFins:

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